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"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein

Metricplans redefines the standards in Strategic Planning Visualization. Its visual intelligence helps you to focus on each corporate objective and their interaction.

Metricplans displays balanced scorecards graphically for easy and fast understanding.

Metricplans and Strategic Planning


1. Define

Select the right KPI from an industry standard or create your own, add values and targets.

Associate KPIs with time based strategic plans and define thresholds.

Group them by functional areas or campaigns.


2. Analyze

KPIs in terms of time, value and goal, trend and accomplishment in one chart.

Time series analysis clearly displays your goals performance.

Display just the charts you like to evaluate with a complete KPI information sheet.


3. Evaluate

Goals displayed in a Balanced Scorecard, evaluate cause and effect, ups and downs.

Compare similar plans and discover how they impact your business.

Export and share with more people.

The Benefits

Business Discovery

Easily helps you to see and understand your metrics.

Deliver Strategies

Drive organizational change and accountability.

High Visual Impact

Deliverables organized and easy to understand.


Plan an accurate Total Cost of Ownership and Return of Investment.


Compare Strategic Plans, goals, objectives and its metrics.

Delivery Time

Our Strategic plans are always on time and available to read.

Cause and Effect

Evaluate objective's Cause and Effect to identify their behavior.


Align Strategy and Indicators in one page for fast understanding.

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